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废墟王子 - 1

【#男鹅 同人 | 王子/陌生人 | 卖淫AU】化名为「奥迪尔」的高级伴游,遇见了一位让他很动心的客人。

Benchmarking cld3-ruby vs whatlang-rb

No longer afraid of the dentist

آیا «ماستودن، نسخه شکست آزادی بیانه»؟

کاربری روی توییتر، ماستودون را «نسخه شکست آزادی بیان» نامیده است. آیا چنین است؟

Plume Development 2021-01-18

Language supports, bug fixes, UI improvements, internal improvements

Avoiding trolls without dismissing gender diversity

This was originally posted on monsterpit.blog.

O que são otherkin?

Aviso de conteúdo: Esta postagem é voltada a pessoas que não entendem do assunto, e portanto partes do texto falam sobre argumentos comuns contra otherkin/therians/fictionkin/etc.

The translation of nonbinary identities, orientations and related terms into Portuguese

This was originally posted on monsterpit.blog.

Aster's Mastodon instance suggestions

This is a modified version of a post originally posted on monsterpit.blog.

Medical Solutions Travel Agency

Sweater Jacket Canada

Wedding Cakes Phoenix Az | Wedding Cakes AZ

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