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VoidLinux: Updating customized and manually built packages locked to own repository

troubleshooting issues related to package update while it is locked to `master` repository

7 Helpful Tips For Writing

How to Write Better: 7 Helpful Tips

از جشن ۹۸ تا ۹۹ چه کردم؟

روز آزادی نرم‌افزار غیر از اینکه بهانه‌ای است برای صحبت کردن درباره نرم‌افزار آزاد، شاید فرصتی باشد برای مرور عملکردمان در یک سال گذشته...

The Sweet Certainty of our Decline

Descompactando heterossexismo

Informações básicas, incluindo algumas pouco exploradas em várias discussões, sobre os componentes do heterossexismo e suas relações com outros sistemas de opressão.

A Bee Garden

Et le salariat dans tout ça ?

état d'âme

Got GRUB to do what I need

setting up GRUB's timeout to 0 (zero)

InventureX Reviews They Know A Lot Of Marketing Knowledge


peer support hypocrisy